Friday, September 20, 2013

Rumors: Nids pushed back.

While rumors are just just vapor till the white dwarf hit I am sad that the current thread is that the Nids are pushed back to January.  I thought the perfect end of the year of the bug would be a new shiney codex but I guess tha tthe year will just have to be extended. 

Another view is that I can take a break from them.  I can then slowly get the new units.  Let all the hype that follows a new release pass me by as I play one of my other armies.  I can tinker with my guard army or call a waaaaghh! and let the greenskins loose.  Both are seen as old armies so the pressure to win will be low. The guard can roll around in their tanks and my massive horde of boys can get to krump'n.

I am still on the fence about getting rid of the Tau and necron forces.  I have sold my Tau before and regretted it.  I think both armies will stay.  If by this time next year I have not touched them then I will know it is time to say goodbye.  If I can find a regular place to play in my new town maybe all my armies will see the battlefield.  I hope so!

Have a good weekend!

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