Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tyranids rumor Reaction - Elites

Last time I covered the rumors that were posted about the HQ.  This post I will focus on the Elites.

The elite section is very crowded.  In there are units like Ymgarl Stealers, Hive Guard, Zoans, venoms, and the all-important Doom of Malan'tai.   Let's see what the rumors have to say.

•             Doom of Malantai (Clamshell package)
•             Hiveguard: Share a kit Tyrant Guard. 3 Models, with all the options for both units.
•             Erinye: Dual kit with Harpy. Different torso/head piece with gribbly tentacles
•             Zoanthrope (Doom)/Genethrope: Dual Plastic Kit
•             Crawling Plague: Named Venomthrope. Finecast. Has 3 rows of vents on its back, has a longer tail that wraps around a piece of scenery. Mouth tendrils are shorter and spread open around the mouth. Looks like it's about to spit something, and has liquid dripping from it's maw.

So the Doom finally gets a model.  After all the nerfs he might get it might be a little to late.  I know I won't be getting that model right away.  I will want to see the rules first.  It is nice to see the Harpy getting a model as well and a 3 pack of hive guard /tyrant guard will be nice if you need more of those.  It will be interesting to see the Zoan/gene model.  I hope they are stil not balancing on the little stalk like the fine cast model.  The named Venomthrope sounds cool but I am not sure if any of those have a place in my army. Out of all the new models I might pick up the new flyer.  Maybe.

•             Gains Torrent

I don't see this making the Pyrovore playable. At $50 a pop for each model he will never be in my army.

Hive Guard:
•             New weapon upgrade (available to a limited number of units) that grant Skyfire with an "enhanced ability" to ground FMCs.

This might make worth getting the kit.  Plus maybe for some bone swords or lash whips

•             Small price bump,
•             Gains new rule: "Surprise!" - All shots against Lictors the turn after they appear are snapshots.
•             Deathleaper is now an upgrade character.

Tau Snapshots are still deadly heck even bolter fire can do the job  and even if you have a brood of 3 they still have to wait before they assault. I can’t see these guys getting a lot of play they are just an easy killpoint. They need 1 of 2 things before I even consider them. A 3+ cover save (still a lot that ignores cover) or assault when they come in.

Ymgarl Genestealers:
•             Gains Lictor's "Surprise!" rule,
•             May purchase standard Genestealer biomorphs.

I wonder if they lost the ability to assault first turn.  Wound be nice to have some Ymgarl’s with rending and toxin that assault first turn. I am not holding my breath though.  I want my 4+ save back.  Atleast then I would have a chance to survive bolter fire.

•             AA Variant Flying Monstrous Creature
•             Increased Swoop Speed
•             Grapples Flyers: Vector Strike, on a 4+ enemy flyer is dragged directly behind Erinye ended it's move, including a new facing
•             Can buy brood of Gargoyles to drop off during Movement phase on turn it doesn't Vector Strike

It sounds interesting.  Sounds like you are asking the flyer to shoot you when you drag it.  More birthing bugs! Yea!!! I wonder what weapon it is armed with.  TL Devourers with brain leaches???? Or impalercannons?? Both would be welcome.

•             Mastery Level 1
•             Devastation, Telepathy and Telekinesis Tables
•             New Biomorphs: Increased Shadow of the Warp range, Deny the Witch aura boost, "two others"
•             May upgrade to Mastery Level 2 but may only have 1 power
•             May be taken in the same Brood as Genethropes

•             Mastery Level 1
•             Adaptation and Biomancy
•             New Biomorphs: Increased Shadow of the Warp range, Deny the Witch aura boost, "two others"
•             May upgrade to Mastery Level 2 but may only have 1 power
•             May be taken in the same Brood as Zoanthropes
Doom of Malan'tai:
•             Has access to Devastation, Adaptation, Telepathy, Telekenisis, Biomancy and comes with Essence Leech and 3 powers
•             Consumes a wound every time it casts a power (except Essence Leech), but can keep casting as long as it doesn't Perils or end up down to 1 wound (this means a max of 9 powers a turn)

I grouped all of these because they complement each other.  I am not sure if I will use either of these guys. After reading all the rumors We will see if he will be worth using.  After all the whining I get from using him I have a feeling he will not be the fire magnet any more. I am eager to find out what the other powers are.

•             Venomthropes create 5+ cover
Crawling Plague:
•             New Venomthrope character.
•             Has Torrent Weapon: AP-, Poison 4+. On a 3+ place a marker anywhere on where you placed the template. On the following turn place the small end of the flamer template on the marker and aim it in any direction. On a 4+ the marker stays in play (test each turn).
•             Gives Stealth to all models in 6", and has shrouding.
•             "It Lurks in the Mists": Instead of deploying on the board may be deployed at the start of any movement phase within 6" of any Venomthrope.
•             Is a mutation from Hive Fleet Karkinos who is specialized in toxic weaponry and Venomthropes.

So the venomthrope stays the same except the new named character has a week torrent weapon with a gimmick and turns the cover save to a 4+ for models within 6” Nothing to get super excited about. It does sound fluffy.

That is all the rumors for elites.   I like the rumors about the skyfire guard and I am interested in the eirnye.  I am still on the fence about Ymgarls, and the Doom and the venomthrope, pyrovore, and lictors look like they will sit out another edition.  In my next post I will go over troops, fast attack and heavy support.  I will problably throw in rumors on actualy rule changes as well. Until next time…

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?