Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday morning ramblings: Eldar and WIP gaunts

I apologize about my last post.  For some reason I thought Fantasy Books and Games were having a Rogue Trader tournament and it turns out they had a straight W/L tournament.  I switched back to my current 2K army and got ready to collect some biomass. Until, that is, I found out that the store needed a ringer.  Seeing that I am friends with the Manager and employees I volunteered and without fail they had an even amount of players.  Oh well.  I did run the clock and was there to dispute any rules so, all was not lost.

I also had a chance to go over the new Eldar stuff.  Man I would love to make a Wraith army.  I can see running the Wraith knights and lords while using the Guard as the troops.  I am not sure how competitive it would be but man would it look cool :)

To be completely honest I think that these guys are the answer to my anti power armor prayers.  They shoot as well as Marines and all their basic guns turn AP2 on a roll of 6.  This means a huge squad of guardians or avengers could destroy the average marine foot army. The only thing that is saving your opponent is the short range. So you team up with some Tau and bam! you are good to go.

Over all, I don't think these guys are completely broken.  Yes they are strong and got a good book.  So did Tau and Dark Angels. This just gets me more excited about what will happen to my Orks or Tyranids when it is their turn for an update.  Will we see a Stompa or a Heirodule?  We can only hope :)  I am just thining now of the Stompa monstrous creature.  That thought alone puts a smile on my face!

While being the ringer I had some down time to work on my Tyranids.  I took all the unfinished gaunts out to work on as well as my Swarmlord.  I was going to base coat my big daddy but I noticed I had some greenstuff work on him to do so I set him aside since I didn't have my Greenstuff.  I then added devourer arms on the Guants that used to have spinefist(what a useless option), and then gave all of them a good basecoat. 

I then proceeded to go through my normal painting steps.  I have the base coating done, now I am working on putting the undercoat for the green and white.  I decided not to do all of them at once but work on a manageable batch at a time.

A while back I was taking about my spore pods and how I was using Model Magic to create the armor plating on the pods. This week, I was using it to help fix models that snapped off their base.  I have realized that neither one of these were good choices.  On the spore pod I have noticed cracks in the armor which will eventually lead me back to recreating them. As far as fixing the models, I found that while it hold the model on the base, after a little handling the model magic does not hold onto itself very well.  I am going to have to fix the guys I "fixed" with Model Magic.  I guess I will just need to use miliput or actual clay to make the pods and Greenstuff for fixing the unbased models. 

That is all I have today. I should have some more updates on these guys and my swarmlord later this week.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?