Friday, May 31, 2013

Back to the Rogue Trader...

This weekend there is a Rogue Trader tournament at my FLGS Fantasy Books and Games.  For the first time, in a long time, I am going to be in town. So, to take my mind off of missing my betrothed, I have decided to pack up the bugs and play a few games.

Since this is a rogue trader game, I can't just bring any list. I have to bring a completely painted  army (at least to 3 color standard). This means I am going to have to change up my current force quite a bit.  Lets take a look at what I will be bringing.

Tyrant- devourers, scything talons, armor shell, old adversary, regen

14 Hormagaunt- adrenal glands, toxin sacs
15 termagants- devourer
Tervigon- regen, crushing claws catalyst

Fast Attack
15 Gargoyle- toxin sacs
5 ravener - devourers, rending claws
5 ravener - devourers, rending claws

Heavy Support
Trygon- prime, regen, toxin sacs

Death Leaper
3 Hive Guard
the Doom of Malan'tai

So, I have the core of my adepticon list with the genestealers out and a tyrgon prime in The Parasite is also out and a beefy tyrant is in.  I think not using a tyrant guard might be dangerous so I might take a hive guard out and put in a tyrant guard.  I also added in the deathleaper.  I have him painted and he might be fun. He probably will die the turn he shows up but what are you going to do.  It was him or the Parasite or maybe I can get a small group of stealers in there after all.

What really has thrown me for a loop, is that I only have one spore pod painted.  This takes away my favorite deployment style of my devilgants since the doom NEEDS the pod to get into the thick of things. I just hope not a lot of tau forces have the interceptor rule to kill him the turn he shows up. 3++ only goes so far. I will miss my second Tervigon as well. They are just so much fun.

Not the best list possible but it is what I have painted. If anything it will be a couple of games moving my little army men around on a table while making sounds like the Cookie Monster.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Before signing out I just want to mention some of the guys at my FLGS have brought it to my attention that they have a blog so head on over to give them a try. Tabletop Addicts

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?