Monday, May 20, 2013

Shoot You With My Mind Bullets

I know I am a little late on the whole psychic power kick.  I usually use the standard codex powers for most of my units and biomancy for the rest.  After reading how others have played their bugs I have been wondering if I should try out some of the others as well.

First of all I need to look at who can use psychic powers and does it make sense to switch out?  First on the list is the Tervigon.  I usually kit out this bad boy with Catlyst to hand out feel no pain candy to all the little boys and girls.  I could max out the powers giving me 3 rolls on the list and try for the equivalant power endurance then look for more useful power. really I am not sure there is one for this guy.  I guess I could try for Telekine Dome which would be handy as well but I think for now I will stick with my standard catalyst and move on.

Next up is the broodlord. I usually switch out his powers for biomancy hoping for the endurance power.  Iron arm and warp speed will boost him up but really we need help protecting the boys.  Maybe some rolls on the Telekinesis will help my guys get into the battle.   the biggest problem with the broodlord is that he has no BS so all the witchfire and beam attacks are worthless. Also as a level one psyker he can not use the big powers of the bunch.

The doom of malan'tai can give up his large blast power to try for a power that doesn't take away from his wound pool.  how about the Doom with the Psychic Shriek.  So first every enemy within 6" of him takes a leadership test on 3D6 and take a wound for every point over their leadership then he chooses another unit to do it again. I can see people hating me for this.  Especially if I take 2 other Zoanathropes with the same power all in drop pods.  (Insert wicked laugh here.)

This brings us to the Tryant. Boosting with iron arm or endurance is always fun.  I am not sold on Haemorrhage or smite and life leach is just like the one power he already has so no big loss there. Thisis if I want to stay with biomancy.  Looking at the other tables the smae few keep poping up.  Telekine Dome for a invulnerable save and psychic shriek or puppet master for some fun.

Last of my psykers is the Swarmlord.  As the only level 2 psyher he can use powers like Hallucination, Invisibility and Vortex of doom.  Also rolling on the charts can give him some ranged attacks while walking around trying to beat in someone's face. My next army inclueds the swarmlord so I think I will roll for iron arm or endurance and if I get one of them switch over to try for Telekine dome.  We shall see.

The powers I want to stay away from are Gate of infinity, assail, shockwave, mental fortitude and terrify.  All the others do have their uses.

I hope someone finds this useful.  I know writing it out has helped me. Until next time...

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?