Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Terror from the Deep..

As the year of the bug continues I want to try out more units that I never use.  We has seen the Parasite, Deathleaper, a tryanofex, the carnifex and a trigon.  Next on my list is the Mawloc.

This big beastie comes in and instead of avoiding hitting other models you want to come up under the bad guys.  Where he comes up you place a large blast over the point of impact and everything under it get hit with a S6 AP2 hit.  Pretty mean. If he survives the opponent turn he can go back underground and comeback and do it again.  It sounds pretty good but I am afraid it is not going to be worth the points since he sits out a couple of turns waiting to attack and even when he does come up he can still drift.  I am not sue if he is worth another set of ravengers or 4 hive guard.  I guess I will jut have to give him a couple of cames and try him out.

Here is my current list
Standing in for the Mawloc this evening will be a Trigon

I am looking forward to testing this out tomorrow night.  I still need to test out some biovores but they are expensive models and I don't see me getting much use out of them.  Maybe I can get a buddy to let me proxy for them and test them out to see what they can do. One new unit at a time though... this time is all about the mawloc.  RRRRRrhhhhaaaaaarrrrrrrr!!!
not sure it is worth $41.25 for 1 That is $123.75 for a unit.I thought Tau were bad

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?