Thursday, June 13, 2013

Know thy enemy...(Space Marine rumors)

Now that eldar are released ( I am still on the fence about them) and Apoc is slated for a July release,  we turn to the rumor mill to find out what army is next to hit the upgrade button... come on nids, come on nids, come on nids..... dang.  According to current rumors it is Space Marines.... sigh.

Okay, okay, okay, I know that the poster child for the 40K universe needs their rules updated to bring them into the 6th edition.  I am just made that there are monstrous creatures out there that are T8 hand have invlun saves and are not part of the army whose army is composed of a bunch of monstrous creatures. Sorry *Rant Off*.

Lets head over to my favorite rumor page, Faeit 212, and see what he has to say

via Puscifer
I haven't seen this posted anywhere else, so I thought I'd give you all a treat...

Some stuff regarding the new Space Marines Codex:

It is the next one to be released, but I was not told about the release date.

The codex is not Ultramarines heavy. There will be a much broader spectrum of Chapters.

There will be supplements for the more famous chapters: Ultramarines, Imperial Fists and White Scars were the ones mentioned. White Scars are the first out the gate.

The cover of the new dex has apparently got Sicarius on the front, while the White Scar Codex has a bike squadron racing towards the enemy

No clue on authors. Rumour is Ward, but hell, he's rumoured for all of them right?

No rules that I can give you, but you can expect to see loads of new weapons and squads. Possible inclusions are the Land Raider Terminus (I think that's what it's called - it's festooned with Lascannons), a bigger form of Terminator and a rather large Dreadnought that is similar to a Contemptor - only bigger.
First of all, I am not a big fan of the supplements. It feels like a huge cash grab where they put in a couple pages of rules, a little fluff, a few cute pictures and charge $50.  If this is how they roll for Space Marines, I can only imagine what Codex: Orks will be like.

I am thinking a T5-6 terminator to give those 2+ 5+ jerks a boost .  These guys are always a thorn in my side.  With little to no AP2 shooting the Nids have to count on mass dakka to bring them down.  If their toughness is going up it will make it that much harder to bring them down.  I guess I will need to assault them and hope to wittle them away with rending and poison attacks.
Contemptor Dread

The last bit does not surprise me though.  Everyone needs their own monstrous creature.  Why not a Contemptor.  looks more agile than the dreads and can't be much different than the dreadknight, wraithnight or the riptide.  Silly  vehicles pretending to me monstrous creatures.  tsk tsk. My luck the ork one will be a giant squig or one of those awful squigoths.  bleh!

Over all I am not to suprised by these rumors.  It should bring them back as a top army.  It will allow all those playing a ravenwing army painted up as white scars to actually play a white scars army... Yea I am looking at you Stewie.
Vroom, vroom!

Tonight I am trying to get a game in with a modified swarmlord list.  Maybe this time I won't be lazy and keep track of the game for a battle report... miracles do happen.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?