Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just a quick update...

The fellows over at Table Top Addicts have added a battle report of our latest battle.  It was a good game.  Makers is a good player and has a competitve list.  With a great unclean one 2 flying princes and fateweaver it is a truly scary list.  I got lucky with some roles and he was unlucky with his.  THis being said my list worked just like I planned.

When I dropped my devilgaunt to ground his prince so my raveners could assault him, it worked out.  My tervigons worked well spitting out babies, who had a chance to bring down the great unclean one.  he already had 4 wounds  andI had 20 or so guants just waiting for a turn to beat on his face with poison attacks.  I was a bit dissapointed in the swarmlords performance.  I will keep running him for a few more games.  I think I might drop a ravener or 2 to try to give him some more guards making his unit a bit more killy.  Let's face it a full squad of 3++ doggies are an excellent tarpit.

When he called it it was looking close.  He offered to call it he said it was looking bleak for him and he needed to go.  I accepted and we started to look at the board.  IT was looking close.  I had my objective solidly and was going to wipe out anything that could challenge that.  The one thing I thought he could do is swoop over and try to kill my tervigon with his remaining prince.  but that brought him within range of 3-5 units.  Good chance of grounding and finishing it off.  He was down to 2 wounds already.

He had to deal with the Doom.  With his ability to suck souls every player turn and a 3++ save usually will keep him in game.  I also had a droppod contesting the objective.  A lot of people forget that they are monsterous creatures.  Lastly I had my raveners who were making their way back to his objective.

So overall it was a close game.  Anything could happen if he cleared off the doom and pod he would have an objective and first blood while I would have had just my objective giving him the win  4-3. but if he couldn't move the Doom then I would have won.  Slay the warlord was up for grabs each of our lord were hurting. He could have gone after my lord with his prince giving me the objective... there are just to many unknowns to say who would have won if we went on.

Again it was a fun game and I am glad I got all those Gaunts and now that I fixed the spine fist guants to devilgaunts I am truly WYSIWYG.  I now have 70+ of the little buggers and I don't have to fear spawning them and not having the models to cover my rolls.  Birth away my momas!

Overall I was happy with the performance of my list.  I fear a lot of flyers and the deamons 5++ save annoys me since I have bought a lot of rending claws >_<  The under performer of my lis was the venomthrope. He did nothing.  When the swarmlord gets telekinetic dome he has nothing to do. I could just drop him and add another guard for swarmy to hide behind.

On a side note I tried out a airbrush yesterday.  I think if I get used to it and I figure out the mixture ratio it will help me get some of my green carapace on the big bugs and the orange Tau vehicles base coated.  Anything to make that process smoother will make me happy.

I am hoping to get in another game this week.  My bugs are hungry.  
Thanks for the comic Wobbly Model Syndrome

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