Tuesday, June 4, 2013

WIP: My Swarmlord...

SO last night I had a little time to work on the swarm lord I wanted to make the horns on his head look more like they are par of his head not just glued on and I had to fix his arm it.  It looked like he had dislocated it and it was haning by a theread so I got out my green stuff and got to work.

I did a little more work on him after the pictures were taken I completted the greenstuff around the back of the left horn and smoothed it out a little more but you can get the idea. 

When I got the flying tyrant/swarmlord kit I was excited about having the arm for making a swarmlord. That is until I saw how weedy they were. I found these swords on ebay and they remind me of the single sword the tryant has so I feel much better about it.

I am  over al pleased with my conversion.  I am horrible at custom work so if I think it is passible I am happy with it. My other big conversion is my tervigon  I am happy with that as well.  If I had the cash I would love to get one of those big spiders from fantasy to make another baby momma but I own 2 right now and I don't think I will ever run 3 so it is on the very bottom of my list. 

Speaking on my list, after getting all these termagants, I am set for a while.  I guess I could use a Doom model so people don't think I am using a stock model Zoanethrope but that involves me actually doing more modeling.  I was thinking a ravener body with some small scything talon from the genestealers and a mawloc head piece with some greenstuff brains attached to it.  I see 2 problems with this. 1.The arms might look totally out of place. 2.  The ravener body does not have chimneys so I would have to either sculpt them or figure out something else to use for them.  I will leave you with some of the custom Dooms I have seen around the net.  Tell me which you like the best.

Meridian Prime

Restless Wargamer

Cool Mini or Not

The last one is an actual model I can purchase but I think I would like to avoid this since 1. I am not to thrilled with it and 2. it is $40 plus shipping.  That is way iout of my price range for a modified Zoanathrope. 

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?