Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Sisters of Battle

I came home sick today and during the times I was not indisposed I decided to finish up my sisters of battle squad.

The one on the left was done with contrast.  The right was done the way I have been working on them.  I had to go back and repaint the orange sleeves and black gun but it did  a decent job.  I still like the original glaze but eventually I will run out.  At least it is not too different.

I also painted up a couple of flamers.  I decided to go with a red tip and canister.  I think this will help quickly identify them when playing.  I did use contrast for the hair.  I love the way it does brown.

The last one was a helmeted sister.  This completes my first squad of ten sisters.  I have a Geminae sister and Celestine herself to do before the new sisters come out. I am confident that I can get it done.

Questions? Comments? The Emperor Protects.