Thursday, October 10, 2019

Black Templar Primaris Apothocary & Vanguard LT Showcase

Here's some awesome shots of my last two major characters for my Black Templars Army!

Just realized the photos are really dark, I'll try and get better ones later! 

Here's the to be finished list.
  • Black Templar Phobus Armor LT (1 model - received and built)
  • Ten Man Vostroyan Vet Squad - Medic, Sgt. Two Plasmas, one Grenade Launcher, 5 men
  • Ten Man Vostoryan Squad - Sgt, Flamer, 8 men.
  • Vostroyan Sniper Special Weapons Squad (6 men total)
  • Vostroyan Command Squad (Officer already done, two heavy weapon bases).
  • Imperial Adeptus Arbites
  • Eleven Black Templar Crusaders
  • Black Templar Apothecary
  • 2 Alpha Legion Obliterators
  • Alpha Legion Master of Possession
  • Alpha Legion Sorcerer 
  • Five Plague Ogryns (or Aberrants) 
Finished - 112 miniatures
Unfinished - 5 miniatures

I'm giving myself until the end of October to kill these last few guys!