Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Shorehammer update

Some of you have seen my Facebook post about my choice about Shorehammer. If not I am writing this quick post to explain my decision. I have decided to not take Genestealer Cult to Shorehammer.

While this is not earth shattering news I was looking forward to traveling with them and fighting for the hive but over the last few months I just getting more and more frustrated when I played them.  Add to that the limitations of the tournament with no vigilus detachments and very limited command points I just don't think I will have fun playing them.  I don't want to fly all that way to not have fun. So I have decided to take a break from the cult.

"So, if not the cult, who?" you may ask.  This November the green tide will be WAAAAGHHHHing east to fight anyone who will fight back! I always have a good time playing Orks! They might not be the Iron Hands or Salamanders but they can do some work.  If anything I will get to annoy my opponent with my "Dakka dakka dakka" and "vroom vroom" sounds as I try to eek out some victories on the battlefield.

I have most of the army ready.  I need to fix a battlewagon's deff rolla and decide Gorkanaut or Morkanaut.  Then I need to pack them up and off we go.  My mood is brightening as I write this!! Did someone need a Krumpin'?

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakka!!!!