Saturday, April 14, 2018

More work on the ladies.

With the little time I have found to hobby these last few weeks I have tried to focus on my Daughters of Khaine.  In that time, I have finished two blood sisters and a heartrender.

You have seen my first blood sister with some photos from my workbench.  I thought I would take some proper photos using my light box.


I chose the blood sisters since if I have a medusa as my general they become a battle line unit.  I will want to get at least another box to give me the option of two small squads or one bigger squad.  This will have to wait till July though since I spent my hobby money for the next couple months on the Forgebane box.

I am sorry the bases are not complete yet but I didn't have the sand yet.  I will have it soon and the next set of girls will be truly complete.

I wanted to get a test model for my harpies. GW calls them Khinerai but I will never remember that so harpy it is. With these you have the choice of the heartrenders with the spears or lifetakers with the scythes.The heartrenders get to drop onto the field and throw their spears then jump back to safety.

While their secondary move really won't pull them out of harms way since their spears are short range it will help distract a foe and maybe let off some pressure the rest of the army is facing.

These models have more cloth showing than the medusa.  I chose red.  I think it works well and  ties in with the pink snake bodies. I am not sure if I am fully happy with the wings.  I might try a dry bush on them to help define them more. 

There you have it.  my first few models for my Daughters of Khaine.  There is a lot of little details and I am not sure my huge hands do these models justice.  I think they turned out ok and will be good enough for the battlefield.  What do you guys think?

Questions? Comments? Hisssssssssss?