Monday, April 23, 2018

April Hobby Update: Thousand Sons Rhino & Goliath Rockcrusher

Hi all!

Been a busy bee this last week, and here's what I've got to show for it. I finished my birthday gifts to myself and from the gf, my Rockcrusher (Counts-As-Predator) and my Rhino. (She's generally pacifist, so when I told her she got me the most pacifist vehicle available in warhammer outside of the Arvus lighter, she was quite pleased with her luck.)

Anyways, the Rhino and Predator allow both mobility into the Thousand Sons army and give me some much needed anti-armor firepower. Here's the rhino. Photos are 'meh'

Original "To be painted" pile.

 I like the 30k Thousand Sons symbols better than the current ones, and have had these window decals sitting around my house for ages. Their larger cousin is on my car. Went on easy and quick, no decaling needed.

Washing, highlights and tracks done.

 Added more decals, this time actual 40k Thousand Sons ones.

It's finished!

Now for the Rockcrusher/Predator. Here's what I had managed to get done before I opened up the weather pigments.

I wanted the front piece a brighter blue in order to tie it into the rest of the Thousand Sons army. I imagine these poor cultists have just painted that part blue to emulate their betters, but haven't gotten around to the rest of the vehicle, as you'll soon see why.  I managed to remember to highlight everything before I weathered. What followed was a fume-ridden high of modeling proportions.

 Splatter effect achieved via pulling back bristles and letting powder + fixer do it's job.

Now to add Rust Effect (really just 'brick red' powder that looks close enough to rust for me)

And now finished. I tried out splattering blood on the front of the Rockcrusher, which did well, but then I covered up most of it in mud, which wasn't the best. Also finished and attached the crew, plus the main lascannon bits (Counts as Predator twin linked lascannon and sponsons.

Really like the Lascannon-totting cultist. The arms are from the Orlock set and make it totally plausible he's hefting a lascannon "Unassisted".

Finally some close ups of the wheels.

Thoughts? Feedback? Ideas? Questions? I'll do a weathering tutorial later on the blog if people would be interested. Don't make the same mistakes I did!