Monday, October 30, 2017

#Dreadtober Project Complete!

I was worried I wouldn't finish on time but the Toxicrene is complete. While I didn't get to reshape the tentacles the way I wanted to I think he turned out alright.

The marine under his foot is painted up like a Nightlord in "honor" of one of my friends army.  I tried to add some lightning to the legs and shoulder. I have been told the secret is a small brush and a lot of practice. I did the best I could, sorry Kabbala. The kit didn't have a left arm so I might go back I might add some blood oozing from the stump.

I was also trying to decide if I wanted to use a lighter blue on the tentacles but after doing a few test colors I couldn't find a color that looked right.  I settled for the standard skin blue. If I ever go back to repaint the venomthropes I will change their tentacles to that blue as well.

I am eager to see how this guy does on the battlefield.  I feel he will be a big fire magnet which will keep my exocrines alive and shooting. I am also looking to see how he changes in the new codex coming out in a couple of weeks.  A lower weapon skill, more attacks, or point cost would be welcome.

There you have it.  One Toxicrene completed and another #Dreadtober project completed.  Head over to the Dreadtober Website to see what the others were working on.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?