Monday, October 23, 2017

Continuing Work on the Toxicrene and GMT

So this weekend I finished up the base colors on my Toxicrene I also had some time to work on my Grot Mega Tank (GMT).

I picked up the Moot Green so I could continue to work on the Toxicrene.

I painted all the carapace on him and even did the dark green low light under the carapace.  I then touched up the blue and gross green where my shaky hands accidentally strayed.

I also started work on the marine under the claw.  It so happens that the claw was not glued well in place so it made it easier to work on the marine.  I am painting it up in Night Lord colors in honor of my friends army.

The work on the GMT is slow but progressing nicely.  Soon it will have the basic colors and I can try the weathering effect.  I am getting excited.

I am sorry about the poor photos,  I still have not found my lighting kits for my light box and I just took some photos from my work area  (the dining room table :-P)