Friday, October 14, 2016

WIP: Neophyte Hybrid

As a hobby butterfly, I have the need to flit between projects.  So, even though I have my Dreadtober project to continue, I was compelled to get some test models done for my genestealer cult.
I want these cultist to be a extension of my hive fleet.  This means to me that instead of purple skin tones on the neophytes, I should have a blue-ish hue.


   I was unsure on the combination but I think that the green and tan work well. I think the blue skin works with the rest of my scheme. I am wondering if the color choice for the tongue is correct. One concern is that the blue skin is too deep of a blue. I wonder if I need to use a flat white and then add the wash to tint the skin instead a light blue that is tinted with the wash. I just want them to fit in with my Tyranids and they are painted a bright blue.


I am not sure how I am going to base these guys.  I have thought of using the celluclay to give them a rocky terrain.  I am concerned that it might be too busy and draw from the model. I also thought about using the GW texture paint but I think the cost for the result is just too much.Jeff Tibbetts over on Tibbs Forge mentioned some car body filler that might have the result that looks close to what I am picturing for my cult.


I think I am getting a little better picking out the details on these models.  I guess all those skitarii have helped me refine my fine motor skills.  I also the way the wash improves the models.  I don't always use it correctly but when I do I am happy.


There is a massive glare on the tops of these models so I apologize. I am still trying to get used to the black background on the light box.

I get to try them out this weekend so, stay tuned for my first impressions next week. Until then...

Questions? Comments? Nom nom nom?

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