Thursday, October 6, 2016

#Dreadtober: Building continues

I continued to work on my Sydonian Dragoon.  I made my mold and had my two bodies ready to complete the building and then I ran into a problem.

On my first build, the legs supported the bodies well enough that no magnets were needed to hold the driver in the saddle.  On this build any movement had a chance to unseat him so I made an executive decision and add some magnets.

First up I had to prep the drivers and cut off the lower torso so they can sit flush on the walker.

Then I added green stuff between the legs prepare for the magnet.  I added the magnets in all pieces. while the Balistarius's driver looks a little odd in the waist I am not worried about it.

The dragoon looks good.

With that completed, I am now ready to start painting.  I still need to decorate the base.  I need to make some rocky terrain for the base, but that can be done later.

So at the end of week one I have the model assembled and ready for paint.

Questions? Comments? Choom choom chooms!