Tuesday, October 18, 2016

WIP: Metamorph

 Before the game I got to paint up a Genestealer cult metamorph.  I am using the same scheme for his uniform as the neophyte but his skin is pure tyranid.

Painting this guy up wasn't to bad.  I do notice some mold lines that I missed (which makes me mad) but other than than I am pretty pleased.

I was scared the blue would be too much but I think it works.  It ties into my tyranid army well while keeping still it linked to the cult.  The last hurtle will be the vehicles.  I will either go with a similar style to my guard or I will end up going a new way entirely.

This model needs a little more highlights on the blue to fully complete the model.  Of course I have the base to do as well.

I think the metamorphs and aberrants will be painted in this style.  The neophytes, magnus and primus will be painted with the lighter tone.  This leaves the acolytes.  I think that they will be getting the darker treatement sine their hands, head, and feet are very similar to genestealers.  They just hold their weapons instead of growing them.

I saw there was a new challenge for Dreadtober So I plan on switching back to get my base done and finish up the painting the walker. Then I can swing back to paint up some more cultists.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?