Thursday, October 20, 2016

#Dreadtober: Update a new player has been added

The Dreadtober challenge this week is to create a base for our Dread.  Not only am I goint to try to meet this challenge I also have added an extra "Dread" to the fun. To run the basic detachment in my Genestealer Cult I needed to add a sentinel.  I got lucky and found a Forgeworld sentinel for half price. Lets take a look...

Before getting to the new model, I needed to work on my Ironstrider.  Last time, I left off working on blocking out the basic colors.  I still had some of that to do but I wanted to get started on the basing.

First up I made some terrain out of pink foam as I have done on the rest of my Skitarii.  These are shaped as rocks and placed randomly on the base. I then base coated them grey.

I then covered the rest of the base with Agrellen Earth technical paint. Once this dried all nice and cracklely(not a word), I added a protective coat of modge podge. Lastly I added a couple of shrubs.

the shrubs are hiding behind the rocks and leg.

To finish off I will need to add some highlights to the rocks and the base is done.  I also added in the rest of the basic colors.  This just leaves the highlights left on the walker part.  I should have the drivers done next week and be finished before the end of the month.

Next up the new Sentinel. It was a bit damaged in the transport.  It also didn't have a driver or a weapon.

I added in a driver with a genestealer cult head.  I also added om a roll cage with the aid of some greenstuff.

I took an extra autocannon from my dragoon  kit and magnetized it so I can swap out other weapons later if I get them.  I would like to get a lascannon or a missile pod.

I will need to base coat him before I can start painting it.  I still haven't decided on how I want to paint it.  I am thinking I will try to match my IG army and use a green scheme.  This way I could always use him in either IG or Cult army.

So with a little over a week left I have one almost done and the new guy started.  I should be able to finish them. *Crosses Fingers*

Until next time...

Questions? Comments? Choom choom chooms?