Thursday, March 19, 2015

WIP Sister of Battle Alternate models

I found a box of Dreamforge Games Panzerjagers out on the net.  After debating on whether or not to use me Monthly budget I finally caved and picked up a box.  The rumor mill says that GW won't have anything for us till next year (or later) and Raging Heroes Kickstarter starts later this month. If anything those won't be shipped till next year as well. Also from the images they have shown I think they are over sexualized for my taste. So, I decided to pick up a box of Panzerjagers and take a look for myself. 

I built up my first one today with a bolter. (Yes, I know it is a Chaos bolter but it is the only one I have. This is just for testing)  Here is a comparison between it and a guard.

So she is taller.  But you can definitely tell it is a female without getting all busty. I think it will do nicely and will not be the pain that metal is and with the price of 10 for ~$25-30 I am not so hurt.  Even if I have to find bolters for them.

Here she is standing next to the only marine I could find.

She does appear to be as tall as a marine.  I am a little sad about this but again I still think the effect of a female in power armor is there.

My next step is to get some imperial bolters and then try painting up a test model.  Heck I might just paint up this one.  a little scraping might get rid of the chaos stuff. 

What do you guys think?  If I showed up with an anrmy of these girls instead of GW models would you refuse to play? Play me but complain about not having the right models? Accept them and not care?   I am wondering.

Questions? Comments? For the Emperors?