Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Review: Curious Constructs Steampunk Infantry Support Weapons.

Way back in July I found a Kickstarter from the people at Curious Constructs for some gun platforms that I think looked considerably orky and would stand in for the new mek guns in 40k.  Well, after delaying the delivery because I moved, my kits arrived this weekend.

Since the GW kit is so expesive Iwill be looking around to try to find options so I don't spend $500 on 10 guns.  Right now I have 2 GW kits one I paid full price on the other I got off ebay for half off. These guns came in about $20 a platform after shipping.  Not bad seeing that would bring the cost down to $200 for 10.

Everyone raves about the lobba option for the gun so that is the option I got with these.  The kit itself was well detailed and well cast.  The only problem I had was the arms on the cannon had misshaped holes in them I am sure they were supposed to be there but in a more uniform shape.  I think I am going to green stuff them shut.

They went together very well.  I didn't like the little platform so I added the controls on the ground.  The platform was to small for even a grot to stand on.

I plan on using some magnets on the gun base so I can have several different options.  I just need to design or purchase some extra guns to stand in for the smasha, tractor, or mega kannon.

Here is a shot of the Lobba. There is some great detail here.  After looking at it maybe no green stuff is needed.

As far as the actual footprint, it is a bit shorter than the official model. It is closer to the width and length.  It is a bit smaller though. 

I don't think this will be a problem in friendly games but not good for tournaments (I don't think I will be doing any of those any way)  I could make a base for it to raise it up a bit and make it wider.
After it is all said and done I think these are very much inline with the old mek guns so If I use them as those it is not a problem.  The new guns are a little different.  I thought about adding in some legs from Ramshackle Games like I did with the quad gun.

I think that would solve all my sizing issues as well. I will have to see. Over all I am glad I got these.  Once they come out on the Curious Construct Site I might just finish out the set of 5.  Until then I will keep on the lookout for other options. Until then...

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas?