Monday, March 9, 2015

WIP: The real Flash Gitz.

This weekend I finally got a box of Flash Gitz to add to the ones I already made. I started to assemble them.  I made a few mistakes but I think they look nice.

On my first attempt I cut off a notch of plastic on the underside of the gun where the under-slung part attaches. You can see it missing on the left model.  I think the stand that I used  covers it up nicely.

The other mistake I found is that there is one git with a coat that flairs out.  The pieces that make up the nob's torso are the only ones that line up right. I didn't realize this until I fused them to different torso parts..  After some minor surgery to remove the coat flair and after it is fully assembled I don't think anyone will notice the the parts I removed.  They are around his belly and as you can see the gun does a good job covering that part up.

Over all I like these guys a little better than my own.  I don't think that they are too different and I think the variety will be welcome.  I am thinking about painting them to stand out any way.  I am thinking either painting their clothes blue.  I think blue and gold would look cool.

2 assembled and 3 to finish.  Looks like my guys are shaping up.  After that all I need is a nice day to prime them then of to paint them up.

Questions? Comments?  Dakka Dakka Dakkas?