Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Apoc returns!

Unless you live under a rock you should all know that Apoc is coming soon.  It so happens that my group scheduled a big game a week from Sunday.  We each get 3k of points to bring our favorite Xeno army ( yea no marines) and the chaos will begin!

Of course I will be bringing my bugs to do some nom nom nomming.  I will also bring my scythed heirodule because he needs some love ^_^ that leaves me with 2400 points of goodness to figure out.  It looks like the subterranean swarm formation is still there so I will probably take it.  I hope they still let the raveners assualt the turn they come in on. So barring any raise in point costs here is my first draft of my army.  this formation cost 100 points leaving me with 2300 pts lest take a look:

Tyrant - wings 2 X TL devourers
2 tyrant guard lash whips


12 Devilguants- spore, devourer
12 Devilguants- spore, devourer
 Tervigon- Catalyst, regen, Toxin, scything talons
 Tervigon- Catalyst, regen, Toxin, crushing claws

3 Ravener- devourer, rending
3 Ravener- devourer, rending
4 Ravener- devourer, rending

Trygon, Prime, regen

It is a bit different than my usual army.  First no doom.  everyone hates him and we are having fun.  I am nice so no Doom. in his place I have 2 zoanthropes not sure which skills I will give them might stick with the standard loadout or I may try for telekine dome on them so swarmy can concentrate on more biomancy powers.  I will have to decide when we get closer to the day.

the trygon is part of the formation as is the raveners.  If they keep the assault out of reserves I will keep them in their smaller squads if not I might combine them into 1-2 squads and drop the formation entirely.  I think 2 of these formations would be devastating.

The venomthrope will give the big guy cover if I can't get the dome up in time. I know I will be giving him feel no pain as soon as possible from the Tervigons. It would be nice to get endurance to give it It Will Not Die for a poor mans regen.

I will not have a lot on the board for turn 1.  2 tervigons, tyrant, swarmlord, 2 zoanthropes, the venomthrope and of course the heirodule.  I hope I can last untill my reserves come in

However it goes Apoc games are fun and I hope to get a few pictures of all the xeno armies.  Let me know what you think.  Sould I forget the formation and bring in another tyrant and carnifex and tryanofex?  go with a all big bad bug list? I still got a week and a half to figure out what to do and there is still the question of the new rules and how they will effect my army.

until next time...

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?