Monday, July 15, 2013

Photos from Xenos Apoc game

This weekend we played the new apoc rules and I had a blast.  We only had 7 players so it was a bit small for our group.  My Heirdule made all the way to turn 5.  Heck that we actually played a turn 5 is amazing.  Ususally we are all beat by turn 4 we call it. 

The heirodule took out a skullcrusher and a giant squigoth before finally falling to so flash gits who got lucky 2 turns in a row to get ap3.   My HQ formation slowly walked to the avatar formation but the avatar, who called me out on turn one,  got distracted turn after turn.  I really thought I would have taken him out.  Oh well.

On a side note raveners are not that good as a screening unit. I need a few more points in gargoyles or horagaunts.  Oh well.  I had a blast.

My Army
Across from me was 3 stompas a skullcrusher and squiggoth
One of the Dark Eldar deployment

My HQ going after the avatar
Some unneeded Necron assistance with the flying croissants

ooooo bio titan.  If it didnt look so goofy I would be jealous

The Necron castle.  Silly bugs just kept feeding the wraiths little guys.

here they come!

Go Swarmlord kick the avatar's butt!
The other Nid players had some trouble with some necrons and Dark Eldar
Kaboooooooooommmmm!!!!  This guy had a good day.
These necrons were pretty much ignored if I didn't get point for living things dying around me I would have sent some termagants this way!  You got lucky Chad!

 And that is all of them.  At the end I controlled 2 nodes but didn't get enough secondary conditions to win the whole thing.  It was a good time anyway.  There is talk about the next one coming soon but I am not sure when.  It is going to be chaos vs imperium.  O my guard get to come out an play.  OOOO I get to use the new baneblade rules!  I need to finish painting her up.

Take it easy....

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?