Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Imperial Guard Apocalypse musings

The next Apocalypse game is scheduled and since the last one is fresh in my mind I wanted to get some thoughts out into the air.  First off the game will be Imperium vs Chaos. Dang no xenos. This is ok.  It is the reason I have my Imperial Guard.  Well, that and I love tanks.

The problem is that tanks are a bit weaker now in 6th edition.   Now with super Tau and Elder there is a bunch of strong shooting that will take out my chimeras pretty easily.   The Russ is still pretty hardy but they will fall quickly as hull point after hull point is stripped. At least they will look cool as they fall.SO I have 2 questions today.

A) Which variant of Russ should I bring?

2) Which Variant of Baneblade do I want to bring?

I usually bring the executioner load out for some plasma goodness.  No ordnance rule so I can use the sponsons to add more plasma to give me a total of 5 small blasts to shoot.  All that is nice but, it is pretty short range.  I am thinking maybe the simple battle cannon or the single shot cannon.  The battle cannon will hurt a lot of regular marines and has a chance to scratch the other super heavies out there.  I know there will be a few fallen blades and maybe even one of those new silly looking super heavy. So while the battle cannon has a chance the single shot has a better chance. Hopefully I will get a better idea of what I should bring when it gets closer to the time.

This brings me to my bane blade.  I have the stormsword/ shadowsword version.  This means either I can have a long range D 5" blast or a short range S10 AP1 10" blast.  I have a feeling that my tank will be a high priority target.  So if I take the longer range I might get a couple of shots before blowing up and a D weapon is almost too good to pass up. But a S10 10" blast that ignores cover could clear out at bunch of stuff.   I will have to consider this some more before I make my final decision.

I think that is enough to chew on for now.  I plan to work on the Baneblade so it looks passable once game time starts.  I know it will never be a golden daemon winner but it will be presentable.  I am eager to see how the community thinks.

Questions?  Comments?  Boom boom booms?