Friday, July 12, 2013

Next up on the choping block....

Power armor jerks!!

In an effort to thin down my hobby foot print I am selling off the armies I don't use very often.  The Eldar and Dark Eldar were the first to go.  I was a little sad to see them go but after a few weeks I am down to a venom that is missing parts some scourges that I think I will keep ( I like my paint job on them), a unassembled Jain Zar, and my old metal wraithlord.  I will probably break him up and use him as terrain.  I try to sell him 2 times and never got a bite.

So the next up are all my power armor dudes.  I have regular space marines, grey knights and space wolves.  Out of all of these I think the wolves will be the hardest to get rid of since The grey hunters all have the wolf helmet on and I don't want to just give them away.  Also I have the Mr Dandy wolves so unless I give them away the also will not sell.  As the Zen Mater says, " We will see."

so with out further ado these are what will be going up for sale next week.

Space wolves
Grey hunters –
8 X Bolter / chain sword
1 X Bolter / chain sword
1 X Pistol / power sword

1X Ulik -metal
Thunder Wolves (Mr. Dandy)
                2 X shield / frost claws

5 X Fresian Wolves
Space Marines
Tac marines
                7 X bolter
                1 X Bolter / combat knife
                1 X Bolter / auspex
                2 X flamer
                1 X plasma
                1 X melta
                1 X Apothacary
                1 X Multimelta
                1 X Plasma Cannon
                1 X sarge bolter / pointing
Assault Marine
                Pistol / chain sword 8
                Plasma pistol / chain sword 1
                Combat shield / power sword 1

Tech marine
Dreadnaught - 2 X twinlinked autocannon

Dreadnaught – DCCW multimelta (AOBR)  
Land Raider – lascannon sponson, heavy bolter, stormbolter
                4 X standard bike
                1 X with sword
                1 X chaplin upgrade
                4 X Old metal fist
                1 X old metal sword
                1 X old metal sword w/ heraldry
                4 X fist AOBR
                1 X flamer AOBR
Preadator – lascannon turret magnetized sponson for heavy bolter and lascannon

Grey Knights
Interceptor (custom)
                4 X sword
                2 X halberd
                2 X hammer
1 X psycannon
1 x flamer
2 X Death cult assassin
                2 X Hammer
                8 X Spear
                1 X Sword    
                4 X psycannon

1 X Terminator (metal)
1 X Vindicare assassin

 I might have some more laying about but this is the last of the 40K stuff I am selling.  I have offered my painted War Machine  and Horde army to mini wargaming for 50% off but have not head back from them.  If I still have no response after my maines are gone they will be next. Followed by my Warhammer Fantasy and battletech.  

It is a little sad to see these guy go but really they are just collecting dust.

This weekend is the big Apoc game.  I hope to have some pictures and a summary of the action.  Have a good weekend and as always...

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?