Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Apoc rumor reactions

So there are a bunch of rumors floating out and about now about the new apocalypse book. The White Dwarf is out with pictures of the new units and structures and some people have had access to the book already. Now before I get to read the book I will give you my impressions on what I have heard and what I want to know.

D strength weapons. Wow big change. They sound powerful. I think they got a bit nerfed as well since they have the rings of different strength but no more invulnerable save or feel no pain saves you just disappear. Yea Stormsword!

Super heavies. The lost the structure points but if you have played with the FAQ for 6th it is not that different. Instead od trying to keep track of hull point and structure points you just have hull points and you blow up every time but it is never the huge devastating blast of old so, it all evens out.

By the GW website it looks like the subterranean assault formation is still in play but no one has said one way or another if it stayed the same. The rumors of the tyrant one sound good giving preferred enemy to all units within 12". Not bad. If it is cheap enough I will use it as well. Still no idea if the hierodule is there. I have the IA second edition book for it but I have not heard how gargantuan creatures are going to work. I have a feeling that my big guy will fall to a single wraithknight or riptide. Those stats are just amazing for the points. I would like to see a boost to the big boys or a reduction in points to even the playing field.

The dread mob is still there so my orks are happy now if only the skwadron one made it I will be very happy. If not I have 12 koptas that will be very sad.

I will state again I am sad for no words about xeno structures. All I can say is AV 15! This meand only D and Str 10 can actually destroy the thing since you can't glace a building to death. I think I need some zoies or T-fexs to blow some holes in those buildings. At least others can use meltas and lance weaponry on it. My poor orks though...I guess they have shock-attack guns. I guess I should start working on modeling one up for my boyz. I had one attempt at a bastion but I think I can do better. I guess tau only get the forgeworld turrets.

Speaking of them I hope they make an appearance. I have yet to find someone to explain how they work. I also want to know about those guard platforms. They seem awesome but I am unsure how they work. I guess I need to find the rules for artillery and give them the 3 times over. I hear more people are using them. More fun for my guard!

That is all the highlights I have for now. By Monday I will have a game under my belt and I can sum up the battle as well as give some insights on how the rules play out.

Tomorrow is League night and I am going to try the shrike list I have. If I can find some proxies and my opponent agrees to me using proxies.

Until then..

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?