Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Work Continues...

While visiting my fiancee this weekend I had a few hours to kill while she worked so I kept working on my gants. I got a full coat of scorpion green on the armor pieces and they are starting to look almost done. While I was there I also found a place to play 40k for when I move there.  Epic Loot looks nice and has a sizable gaming room.  I didn't see any terrain so I am not sure how they shape up for that but their area is as large if not larger that Fantasy Books and Games.

The also have a large selection of second hand minis for sale.  I pick up a fine cast lictor for 50% of retail I also started to paint him up last night while we watched Walking Dead together. I also completed the next steps in painting the gants when I painted the bone color and did the touchups with the blue. After looking at them I think I need a second coat on the carapace as I can still see some of the grey underneath.  After this all I have is a wash and the tongues and bases and they will be done.

Once these guys are finished I will have3 raveners, 2 zoanthropes, and touching up my venomthrope to finish.  I might repaint my genestealers to bring them into my current style or maybe some rippers since there is an off chance that the parasite might spawn some (fat chance) There is not a lot of time left but my army is shaping up.  I will be ready :)