Wednesday, March 20, 2013

17 Gants done...

Cheer! Another big chunk of my army is finished.  I added the flock to the base late last night.  Here they are nom nom nom.

With them completed I only have 3 raveners, and the 2 Zoans to completely paint and the venom to touch up.  I might just touch him up tonight to get it out of the way.  Meanwhile I continued to work on my lictor while wating for wash to dry and here are some shots.

I think with thisguy I am going to add the highlights to the armor and to his skin.  I hear these guys are not that great right now but the named character is pretty good.  I think I will try him out for a couple of games.   After reading the rules for Flesh hooks I really wish they gave the option to more of the army.  I would pay 10pts per genestealer for them... wow.  I know I am dreaming. If lictors could assault the turn they come in everyone would be using 9 of them.  just nasty. 

That is all for now.  Tomorrow I head back to the game table as I defend my territory in the campaign.  I am not sure what I will be facing but I should have a good time of it.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?