Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Tau are getting closer

I can here the robotech music now.  I should paint it up as skull leader
 The Tau are almost here and I am pretty excited.  I mean look that that suit!  I love anime and so I everything about the Tau is cool.  They have mecha and hover tanks what is not to like. A lot of people critisice the head on the suit but I like it.  It is just a sensor suite so it stands to reason to be a lot like the crisis suits suite.  I would have liked a rail option but then again I will take more shots with a plasma canon and just leave the rail shots to  the broadsides and hammerhead.

Speaking of Broadsides check out the new model
Say hello to my little friend!
I have 2 of the forgeworld model that brought the gun down to the arms but I think I like this guy better. He looks badass.  Although on the bottom of my list of new models that I want to get I do want one or 2 eventually.

Looking at the new models after I get a riptide, I will need to get at least one of those, the next important thing is a flyer.
brrrrrrraaaooooowww (flying plane noise)
I will probably get one of these to start since everyone needs a flyer.  I doubt I will use the bomber since I have other ways to deal with ground units I just need anti air. I am gonna be dogfighting like everyone else.  Looking at the forgeworld flyers they didn't have many high strength shots from the flyers.  I hope we get something better than burst cannons.  I am looking at you drone fighters.

The last of the new models I am looking at are the special characters.
I said that way fool!
It all depends on how they turn out.  It looks like they are all unhelmeted which I hate.  who goes to war without a helmet! If I get them I will end up cutting the head off and add a spare firewarrior helmet onto them.

Even though I am super excited about the new Tau stuff I will be continuing the Year of the Bug.  So I will not get a feel for the new codex until next year. I will start painting up my army so when it is time for some Tau love I will have a painted (hopefully) army to bring out.

Pew pew

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