Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Looking at combat patrol..

I have been talking about my friendly list for adepticon but have completely ignored the other game I am playing, Combat Patrol.  This is a 400pt game with limits like no more than 2 wounds, limited FOC, vehicles only having front armor 11 and a few others.

The big one for me is the no model with more than 3 wounds. Now they say that troops and swarms are exempt so a little sigh there but this completely removes my HQ's and all of my big monsters T.T So I have come up with 3 possible lists.  Lets take a look:

So my first list has a Zoanthrope leading a pack of genestealers with some gargoyles and hormaguants for harassment and screening.  probably not the greatest list since bolters will decimate me but at such low points maybe I can get there.

This one has a squad of warriors holding the guys together.  Some anti tank support from the hive guard might help out.  Probably wasted though. the termagants bring a lot of dakka to the table though.

This last list has a ton of bodies.  The Horma have the feed behavior so they can go without worrying about instintive behavior but the Gargoyles and Termagants need the Zoan to give them curage to fight.  If they kill him it is over.

I was thinking about 1 more list and that would be 3 6 man squad of genestealers and 1 11 man squad of hormagaunts.  all I can do is charge at the enemy and hope no flyers are around.

I am open to suggestions.  whichever way I go I think I am going to be hurting.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?