Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Resolution check in

With the year winding down and Thanksgiving behind us, I figured it was about the right time to look back and reflect on what I promised, what I did, and what I didn't do. Lets take a look.


I did not do a lot for the bugs this year I played a few games but ended up only magnetizing and painting only one of the carnifex.  I am going to push the others over to next year as stretch goal since I am not sure when I will get to them.

Genestealer Cult

I did promise quite a few models from the GSC.  I was able to finish my squads of neophytes, Abberants, and Jackals.  I also painted up the Nexos, Primus, and Kelermoph.  The last pledged item was an acolyte with icon which is on my table now.  This was a very successful year for the GSC.  On top of my pledged goals I also painted a Magus, Clamavus,  Jackal Alpha, 5 Acolytes with rock saws, and another squad of Jackals.  for partial credit I have 2 ridge runners, a third squad of jackals, a Sanctus, and a custom Kelermorph.  There was a lot of growth in the GSC this year.


The orks are another army that I gave some love.  The only problem was, I didn't do any of the things I pledged.  I did complete a megatrakk Scrapjet, a custom Dread, 7 Big Shootas, 3 Mega Nobs, a Shockjump Dragsta, 5 Stormboyz, Gitszog Wurldkila, Gordo, 3 Boys, 20 Grots, a Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun and last but not least a Grot tank.  whew a big list,  it is always good to see the horde grow.  Hopefully I will get to the unpainted models I pledged this year, painted next year.  Also on the radar was the rebasing of the Orks.  While I rebased enough for the tournaments attended, I still have most of the army to work through.  This is not an issue for most friendly games so it is not high on my priority but it will get done; It will just take some time.


This is another army that I didn't do what was pledged but did add to the army through new releases.  I did finish the Kastellan Robot but did not finish the forgeworld units or the techpriest.  I have recently converted the Datasmith to a Daedalosus which is sitting on my painting table right now.  What I did do this year was add in a Skorpius Dunerider and 5 Fulgrite Electro Priests. I have 5 more priests build and primed but will probably be pushed to next year.


I have completely ignored my Necrons this year.  Kill team didn't really click for me so I didn't have the motivation to work on the squad I planned.  Other armies (*cough* orks *cough* GSC) have taken more of my time this year.  Hopefully the soulless robots will get some love next year.


I had such a small goal to complete for the Tau. I did finish up a Ghostkeel and I painted a couple Stingwings but have yet to play a game with them.  There is still time.  I also painted up an Ethereal so that should get me some bonus point right?

Imperial Guard

So, I started the year not sure on how I was going to add the lascannons on my Vendettas.  I finally found some lascannons from Puppets War but have yet to magnetize them.  Once that is done I can move on to finish painting the Vendettas.  A worthy goal for next year.  I did buy and paint a Wyvern. It is 90% completed.  I just need a little push to get it finished. I did win a box of Scions but have yet to do anything with them.  I might put them up on ebay to support my sisters.  I still have a unit or two that need to be finished.  One thing I did paint, was Sly Marbo.  He was a fun model to paint.

Primaris Marines

My Fire Raptor has been adorning my computer desk.  It looks cool to the untrained eye but it still has the weapons to paint and edge highlighting to do.  It is a cool model and deserves to be finished.  I have moved it down to my hobby dungeon in hopes it get some much needed attention.  I did finish 5 Intercessors. I am unsure if I will work on more Inceptors with all the new model that came out.  I plan on adding these new units as well as the new Warsuit.  Unless something cooler comes along I plan to make the Warsuit my model for next Dreadtober.

Daughters of Khaine

Right now I have a decent 1500 point army with the Daughters.  I would like to get more blood sisters to bring me to 2000 but it is pretty low on the priority.  I didn't even finish the witches that I pledged.  Most of the hobby time I gave to my AoS armies was given to the Nighthaunt.


Speaking of the ghosts,  I completed all of my pledged models for the Nighthaunt.  This includes Reikenor, a squad of Grimghast Reapers, and a squad of Chainrasps. I also added 2 guardian of souls, 4 Glaivewraith Stalkers, the Mourngul, and a Lord executioner.  I have 30 or more Chainrasps to paint as well as the Briar Queen and her buddies.  I want to get a Black Coach for this army to really bring it together.

Sisters of Battle

Ah the Sisters, I plan on finishing up my pledges for this year for them by finishing my last Geminae Superia. I did paint 10 sisters as well as Celestine and one of the Geminea. The battle force box just dropped last week and while I have most of it built none of it was pledged.  I will see what I can do this month before making my pledges for next year.  At least, I now know what units are available for  the army;  I will need to go over the codex and see what my target 2000 points list could be.


I have yet to play Rail Raiders. I will have to really consider whether to keep this game or not.  It might just be a game that sits on my shelf.  I did paint up miniatures for my friends Gloomhaven game as well as my Warcry warband.  I did not get to any terrain this year but I have not hosted a lot of games this year.  Maybe next year I can have some friends over.

There you have it another year wrapping up.  Some armies got left out but that happens.  Next year is looking bright with an explosion of Sisters and a new flyer for the Admech.  All in all, I painted 128 models that includes 3 monsters and 5 vehicles.  With a month left to go I can see maybe making it to 140 models.  We shall see.

How did you do this year? Did you make it to your goals?  Are you looking forward to next year?