Wednesday, December 18, 2019

A New Year, A New Army

2019 is wrapping up quickly.  While we still have a couple of weeks left, I thought I would reveal my plans for the new year.

First of all this is not my new years resolution.  That will be posted the first of the year.  What this post is about is something I mentioned in my last post.  the Tyranids (including GSC) and Orks are taking a year off.

Since the beginning of 8th these three armies have dominated my games.  I have so many other armies that I want to force myself to play them.  So beginning in Jan (maybe in Dec if I get a game in)  I will start playing my lesser used armies.

I have gathered my Tau to be the first army of the year.  Eventually, I will switch to The Sisters once I  get enough built and painted. I am hoping to bring in my Ad Mech, Necrons, and Guard as well. Heck, I might even run some marines.

There is a caveat though.  If one of my gaming groups put together a big battle where it is Nids or Orks Vs Chaos / Imperium I will allow them to grace the table once again.

On another note I will also let the Nighthaunt shine this year.  I will be getting a new black coach model and finish my 2000pts of Nighthaunt.  They just need to be painted and I will be ready to go.

If I don't have another post I hope you all have a good Christmas and I will see you next year!