Friday, December 27, 2019

The Briar Queen and Her Thorns

I have been working off pledges from my Kanban board for 2019.  With all of those projects staring me down I turned my back on all of those projects and started working on the Briar Queen and her Thorns.

I painted the models with the same style my Nighthaunt have been painted.  Using Nighthaunt Gloom for the base with Fresian Grey and White Scar highlights.  The metal is Balazar Gold and the chain is Leadbelcher.  The skulls and arms are Ushabti Bone with a Agrax wash. Lastly the roses are painted with Averland Sunset with a Flash Gitz yellow highlight.

This set comes from the Warhammer: Underworld game.  It does have its own rules for Age of Sigmar. She is a wizard with a pretty cool spell, Howling Vortex. If it goes off, I pick a spot 18" away from the Queen, then I roll 2 dice and if it beats any unit within 6" of the point or is a double they take a mortal wound and halve their movement.

The Thorns are pretty much a small squad of Chainrasps.  They might be a small nuisance or hold an objective for a turn. I like the variety they give my Chainrasps though.  If anything I can add the thorns to my Chainrasps and use the queen as a Banshee.

I still have four more to finish.  I hope to have them done before the new year.  Maybe then I will start working on my Sisters.

Questions? Comments? ooooOOOOOooooooo