Thursday, December 5, 2019


With my 2019 reflection in the books I thought I would work on a few of my outstanding pledges for the year.  The first of these is my Daedalosus.

Way back in January there was no Daedalosus model.  I had pledged to paint the Datasmith that came with my Kastellan Robots. The thing is, I rarely use the Datasmith I already have so I didn't see a rush to have another one.  Along came the Black Fortress expansion and the Daedalosus.  With a few simple modifications while I raided my bits and I got a pretty good kit bashed Daedalosus.

The body and backpack are from the Datasmith.  The arms and head are from the ranger kit and the muzzle of the eradication pistol are from an extra eradication beamer. I was a little lazy not adding in the iconographic plate between the legs and trimming off the extra hoses and pistol but I think it is a pretty good conversion.

The Daedalosus can help my robots or Duncrawlers with an extra +1 to hit on a vital target.  He can also help with a one time healing of D3 wounds.  He is inexpensive points wise and takes up an HQ slot. He will look very nice being Cawl's little buddy.

Next up on the table is the last Geminae Superia. I am always nervous with these since I have to blend the jetpacks.  Wish me luck.

Questions? Comments? For the Omnissiah!!