Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Shorehammer 2019

Shorehammer has come and gone and after getting a few nice nights of rest, I decided to  write up a quick blog on my experience.

First up, my favorite part of the weekend was getting to see and play against the guys from the Tabor Warhammer Meetup/Facebook Group. I seriously miss these guys.  I played four pickup games when I wasn't playing in an event.  Thanks for the good time guys.

Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament

Going into this tournament, I was not really expecting to do well.  I went 1-2 but had a close game for each of these games.  It was a pretty straight forward tounrament.    Most of my opponents were cool guys.  In the end, I just was not ready for the hard lists a tournament brings. 

40K Highlander

I had a good feeling about this tournament.  I knew with some luck and if I focused on the objectives I would do well.  I kept this in mind while playing and went 3-0.  My last game, I was getting Dakka dakka dakka on all my big shots and making that 6++ save in some key moments giving my biggest win of the day.  The orks do well in the highlander format with a few strong and different datasheets in the codex.  They don't lean on just a few good units to carry the army.

The Missions were custom for the tournament.  This made the games more balanced.  The objectives were spaced out pretty well and there wasn't any randomness to mess with the fairness. The low point of the army also makes making good list a challenge. It was a good time and I played against some good guys.

Other Games

While the big tournaments were going on they have huge battles going on on the other tables.  I talked to some of the others and they said it was a great time.  Heck I might just skip the Age of Sigmar GT to do the big apocalypse next time I go.  They also had other smaller narrative battles going on throughout the weekend. The people I talked to seemed to love those as well.  Next year, I might try to fit those into my days as well.


I had a great time as I expected.  I am hoping to make the trip out there again if the budget allows.  If you are in the aera or if you are looking for a good small tournament I would suggest you give Shorehammer a try.

Questions? Comments? WAAAAAAAAAAGGHGGH