Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Saint Celestine

After finishing up my space marines I decided to switch to a model that has been sitting on my bench for a while: The Living Saint herself, Celestine.

Before painting any sisters I had purchased the Celestine model because GW said them were going to do plastic Sisters of battle.  Over the last few months I worked out the paint scheme for my sister with the approval of my wife. That whole time, I have been afraid to start painting Celestine.  I was worried I would not do her Justice.  While she is no Golden Daemon award winner,  I think she is one of the best models I have painted.

Her wings I have wet blended from red to yellow using retarder to keep the paints wet.  I end going back in with some orage to help the transition. I still think it is a nice effect and I decided not to tinker with it any more.  I kept going back and trying to adjust it but just kept fudging it up and making me fix it more.

The last effect that my wife requested was a holographic top coat on the wings. I used a gel nail polish to add the linear holo glitter to the wings. If you follow Simply Nailogical on youtube then you know the difference the right lighting will make on the sparkle of the wings.  Either an iPhone flash or natural light will make these sparkle the rainbow like no other.

With Celestine done all I have left is one Geminea superior to paint before picking up the box set.  Speaking of releases the preview today are great.  I am looking forward to getting them and building out a force.

Questions? Comments? For the Emperor!