Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Painting While Traveling

While on the road, the past week I decided to try and take some brushes and paint and get a little painting done while I travel.  While I didn't get a lot done, I did manage to get some paint down on a couple of models.

I was planning to bring my new bikes along but in my haste to get them primed before we left I forgot them on my back deck, where I hoped they would be when I returned.  They ended blowing off the deck. One lost a arm holding a power axed while the another lost a head.  Thanks to my wife, we were able to find the power axe. Thanks Honey!

Since I didn't have the bikes I decided to paint some of my other outstanding Genestealer Cult units. First up is a Neophyte.

Nothing to exciting here.  I tried to mimic my previous paint scheme.  Maybe I should start keeping a record like GW does.  It would help out remembering the exact schemes instead of trying to remember.  I did forget the dark brown I use for basing as well as the yellow for the head lamp.  Even without these done I consider him "finished".  I will finish these bits when I I am painting them on the other models.

After that, I worked on a metamorph leader.  I went back and forth on whether or not to make him an acolyte or metamorph. I decided on metamorph but I think I made the wrong decision. While I don't like him I am going to have to repaint him.  I also might replace his head with a less genestealer looking head. Once that is done I will also need to finish his base and light.  Acolytes are just better than metamorphs (it bums me out because metamorphs look cooler)

Now that I am back home, I have started painting the recovered bikes. For my birthday I got two more sets of bikes, the alphus jackal, the magus, and the santus.  I spent the evening building the three heroes and one the last of bikes. I am working on magnetizing the quad before I paint him.  I still have the four bikes to paint while I wait for a nice day to prime the others.

Hopefully I can do some more work on these this week and be ready for some fun next week.  Keep to the shadows, the day of ascension draws near!

Questions? Commments? For the four armed Emperor!!!!!!