Tuesday, February 19, 2019

On the Road

I am back!  Sorry for the blackout but I was traveling last week and did not upload any content. I went to DC to meet up with The Tabor Warhammer League as well as Pimpcon and his gaming group for their annual battle.

I had a good time and played against some good friends.  I miss those guys. With 14 of us there we played a couple 2v2 games.  This was a good time to try out my 1000 point list I am planning to take to Adepticon.  First of all lets take a look at the list.

    Warboss, Relic PK, kombi shoota
    Big mek with kustom Force field
    18 boys, nob pk
    18 boys, nob pk
    10 gretchin
    Gordo (Gorkanaut)
    2 shokkjump Dragsta
The main goal of the army is to drop Gordo in turn two and have him muck around while the boys and dragsta distract.  As this is just half of an army (my buddy suppies the other half) I am not so worried about not having enough field presence on turn one.

After playing it a couple of times I think the most important part of the list is target priority.  I need to think where Gordo will do the most damage.  My first game I used him to tie up Draigo for a couple of turns.  I should not have hoped to kil him since he has the 3++ save.  I should have conentrated on something more squishy.

The second game he did better.  He ruled the field and was a force to be reconded with.  He dropped in and killed a warlord then killed a c'tan in overwatch and finally took out the the wraith units that were bering down on one flank.

The other highlights were my shokkjump dragstas.  These guys did well in both games.  I tried to run them as bad moons the first game but I missed the invulnerable save and rerolling wounds and damage that the deff skuff provide.

Over all it was a successful test. We learned some valuable lessons.  I am sorry your beserkers got punked Dave.  I will do better in March, I promise.  Next time, we need to get a game in Kabbala!

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakka!