Friday, February 22, 2019

Metamorph and Atalan update

Earlier this week, I showed the work I have done on a Metamorph and a Atalan Jackal.  Last night I got a little more work done.

The transformation from a Metamorph to an Acolyte is almost complete.  I have to wash the skin, repaint the eyes, and finish up the base and I will have another Acolyte done. While I might later look into replacing the head all together, I think this will do for now.

The Jackal is even further completed.  All that is left on this model is to paint the base.  I spent most of the evening adding the texture to the bases of my new genestealer cults as well as on the bases I am working on for my orks.

I am taking this time to update my orks base to be more than just some sand.  This will make more work for me before Adepticon but it will be an improvement.  I want to use the celluclay to give it some texture then Agrellan Earth to give it a dry desert look.

This weekend, I plan on continuing to work on the Atalan Jackals.  I am waiting for some magnets to finish the wolfquad. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can get some priming done on the next batch of models.

Have a good weekend.

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