Monday, October 29, 2018

What's On My Table: 10/29/2018

Over the weekend, I picked up the new Speed Freeks box set. I am eager to get these models built and on the table. Speaking of the table let’s see what is on it…

Before I could get the Speed Freeks game I had some time to paint Gitzog Wurldkilla. He is not completely finished but I got a good start.

I live this model.  The squid is dynamic and Gitzog himself is well detailed.  I have layed down most of the colors on him so I am onto doing the details before using washes.  After that all that is left is basing and highlighting.  Should have him done in a painting session. Unfortunately, that painting session might be a while since all my attention is on the new buggies. 

I am looking forward to running this buggy.  Its shockrifle is accurate down to a 3+ which is unheard of for an ork.  It is also very strong so it will help take out heavier units which is something the orks need.  I can see myself getting atleast tow more of these.  Hopefully they will bring them out by themselves and I don’t have to get Speed Freeks again.

The other model is the Kustom Boosta-blasta.  While I like the options on this buggy it doesn’t rev my engines like the dragsta.  Having the flamers on board is pretty nice but I need long range support for my boys.  Once I finish the Dragsta I will work on him next.

Along with the codex this weekend I plan on picking up the Boomdakka Snazzwagon, With the main cannon doing 9 shots and a built in -1 to hit him has ranked him my #2 buggy.  We will see after a few games if it stay on top.

If I find more time I will work on building the bkes as well.  Maybe I can get someone to play Speed Freeks with me.  Until next time…

Questions? Comment? Dakka dakka dakkas!