Monday, October 15, 2018

Orktober/Dreadtober update: Nearing completion of build

We are about half way through the month and I am almost done with the build of my Ork Mega Armored Warboss.

I know it is not the quality of a lot of modelers but it is as good as I can expect from me talent.  I thought the look of the hellbrute would transfer over nicely to a warboss but the more I looked at the organic curves of the legs, torso and back the more I didn't like them.

I replaced the legs from a deff dread.  With these legs I remove the weird machine/organic   hybrid feeling and go straight mechanical. I did this with the arms as well.  I loved the saw I found and the puppetswar claw worked as well.  Sometimes, I wish I had gotten another shoulder from puppetswar so he can have matching shoulders but then again I kind of like the mismatch I have going.

I am going to leave the back mostly untouched. I decided to replace the smokestacks .  I have a few ideas and will be adding them this week.

Finally I got rid of the abs from the kit.  I replaced them with a waist that is made from two 25mm bases.  I think this gives it the look like a rotation point.  It is not perfect but I after trying a few options I it was the best one I did.

Looking back I think I wish I had a regular dread to work with instead of the hellbrute. These scratch build I do gives me a peak at the time and effort that other hobbyist put into their creations.  I tip my hat to them.  I will stick to head swaps and other small mods and leave the hard stuff to them.

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas!!!