Monday, October 22, 2018

Showcase: Nob with Waaaaagh banner

While I was working on my Mega Armored Warboss, I saw this lonely little guy I got during the Las Vegas Open and I thought “I should fix him up.” So I clipped off the choppa head, inserted an appropriate Waaaaagh banner,and then painted him up.  I present my Nob with Waaaaagh banner.

I never liked the official model Games Workshop made which lead me to wanting to make one of my own.  The bit come from my Mega Grot Tank (which I still need to finish painting).  I think it works well for a Waaaaagh baner.

The Nob is painted in my usual style and scheme.  He did come on a resin base so I just painted it up.  It should be ok in my army and the extra detail raises him up a bit so it will be easier to keep track of him on the table.

While it is a somewhat static pose I think he looks a bit menacing.   I love the face mask.  I see him as the stoic banner man for my warboss.  Just don’t get to close or he may whack you with it.

Next up I am putting together some Blood Sisters while I wait for my speed freeks box set.  I plan to finish out the Month building an painting those buggies .  Hopefully I will find someone who would want to play a game of speed freeks or of 40k so I can see how they play.