Thursday, October 25, 2018

What's On My Table: 10/24/2018

With my Warboss finished and Speed Freeks on the way I have a little lull before we finish Orktober.  There are a couple of things I can work on before Sat comes around. Let's take a look...

The first thing I wanted to do was to build my third set of Blood Sisters.  With this set I have three battleline units which allows me to field  a legal Age of Sigmar list. To make my Gorgani stand out (the sergeant of the squad),  I decided to give her the actual mask that all of the others should have on.

The rest of the sisters were straight builds. Hopefully I will find some time to play a game with these beautiful models.  I hear the Games Workshop by my work is running "learn how to play" sessions on Fridays.  I might have to try to stop by.

Next up is the Ork Kill Team Commander, Gitzog Wurldkilla.  I missed this model when he was packaged with Stormclaw boxset as well as when he was packaged with a bunch of nobs.  I didn't want to miss him a third time.

While he might not have the best gear for the game right now he is a great sculpt and I love his squig buddy.  He should be fun to paint up.

Lastly I have my ork bunker.  This model has been primed for a while now I just need to sit down and paint it up.  We will see if I have any time left this week before the real fun starts. Hopefully I will have the buggies at least built by this time next week.  we shall see.

Questions? Comments?  Waaaaaaaaaagggghhhhhs!