Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A 40k Welcome to the Mid-West

This Week, I had my first 40k game in the "new" town.  I played at my the old haunt of Fantasy Books and Games.  It was their typical 40k league night and they are running the "Fate of Konor" campaign.  I decided to bring my space bugs and man were they hungry.

My list was a bit different than usual.  It consisted of a flying tyrant, 2 exocrines, 2 malanthropes, 20 genestealers, 22 gaunts with 10 devourers, another 21 gaunts with 10 more devourers, 8 raveners, a broodlord and 3 barebones carnifexes. I chose not to bring the mama bug and give the tyrant a chance.

My opponent had a tank heavy list. He had a battle cannon Russ, a demolisher cannon Russ and a vanquisher cannon Russ.  He also had a wyvern and a hydra to round out the tanks.  He was led by a company command squad and two commanders with several other elite characters rounding out his command group.  His troops were three guard squads with a flamer which were supported by a squad of ogryns, a Valkyrie, and a vindicare assassin.

When he stole the initiative I was worried.  He could have done a lot of damage but with the guards normal 4+ to hit anything in my malanthrope bubble turned that into a 5+. This was a game changer.  He spent a lot of time shooting at my exocrine with lascannons and vanquisher cannons with little effect.

The canrifexes did ok.  They took some of the heat off my genestealers but really didn't make their points back.  I think the way to play them is with old one eye with crushing claws.  Otherwise the strength 6 just might not cut it.

The Exocrine did well taking out many guardsmen, a Valkyrie, and a demolisher Russ.  Looking around the shop I think their tables need more full line of site blocking.  Since cover now is just for if you are in cover, having ruins is not as big as a deal.  My exocrines could hold the table with just one piece of terrain partially block some of the view.

Overall I have a good time.  My opponent's dice were ice cold and we were able to add more biomass to the digestion pools.

Have a good weekend and I hope to have more frequent blog posts.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?