Wednesday, August 2, 2017

WIP Grot Mega Tank

During this move I brought my nids, my orks, and my new sister army while the rest of the troops were shipped along with the rest of the house.  I also brought along my grot mega tank to work on and over this weekend I did just that.

This tank is just funny.  It is like a World War 2 destroyer on tank treads.  It boasts 5 guns and optional boom kanisters.  Three of the guns are like the grot tank counterparts where the other two are the supped up twin versions.  I am looking forward my first game fielding this awesome kit alongside its little brothers.

The kit went together ok.  I am shaky about the tracks, they don't feel solidly attached and the plow was a pain.  I resorted to using a 2 part epoxy to make sure it stayed attached.  I am hoping that it stays in one piece.

Next up is painting this guy.   I was thinking of going with blue to match a couple of my other grot tanks or green.  I am also toying with trying to get a bunch of the colors of my tanks and making it really look like a hodge podge of parts. I have a few days to stew it over since I need to find a time and place to prime it.

 I am looking forward to playiing and giving the mega tank its maiden voyage.  I hope it will do well.  I just love these guys.

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas?