Monday, July 10, 2017

Moving and a Going Away Present

This past month has been crazy.  The main reason for the craziness is that I am moving.  I will be leaving the DC area and moving to the mid-west. While I won't miss the traffic or the crowds, I will miss an awesome gaming group. 

When we first moved here I only found a couple of places to play 40k and the one I tried to play at my opponent tried to cheat at every turn.  Then I found the THE TABOR WARHAMMER LEAGUE: Serious Players for 40K/WHFB. Right off the bat they made me feel like a longtime friend.   The owner, Christopher, is a great guy who is laid back while still playing competitively.  The general rules are have fun, not to be TFG (that F’ing guy), and play to win.  For the most, they are followed in that order.

Being the great guys that they are they gave me a going away present.

Which will eventually turn into

Ever since I brought my grot tanks Christopher has wanted me to get the Grot Mega Tank.  I guess he figured this would be the one sure way it will make it into my army.  I am just sorry it will be some time before he gets to see it on the field. 

I will be coming back for Shorehammer this year so I guess I will be bringing Orks.  We will have to have a grudge match since the highlander doesn’t allow Forgeworld.  I am looking forward to building it.  It looks so fun.

So, my content might be light for the next month.  If you can stick it out with me, I will be back with new hobby articles, new ramblings, and new battle summaries.  Heck, maybe I will add in a video or two.

Questions? Commments? Happy trails?