Monday, January 23, 2017

Showcase: Genestealer Metamorph

Over the weekend, I had some time to add the finishing touches on some metamorphs that I have been working on. I am taking a break from the orks now that the apocalypse game is past and I am refocusing on getting my genestealers painted.

Looking at the photos, I see where I can improve my painting even with my heavy hand. Just looking at the gun I see the barrel of the gun needs to be marked out.  It also looks like I forgot to wash it as I usually do.

This is a big problem when I am a hobby butterfly.  When I go from model to model sometimes I miss a step. I will have to remedy this before I start on the next few.

Seeing that this is a flamer I might want to color the canister a different color to help with the ease of play. If it stands out, it will be easy for my opponent and I to tell the difference.

Out of all the metamorphs heads, this one is my favorite. I am tempted to grab a bunch of these heads so the majority of my metamorphs have it.  There is just something cool about the hive / tyrant guard head.  If I plan to have 30 metamorphs in the end I am thinking having 15 of them with the guard head.

Normally, I have the lash whip a light greenish color on my tyranids.  I decided since the cult is still not completely turned, I would use the lighter blue, like the neophyte skin.  This way, it stands out on the model but will blend in with the army.

While the guard head is my favorite head the crushing claw is my favorite mutation. It is also nice that it adds and +2 strength.

I am not sure how many of each mutation I want but I have a feeling I want a few more of these than the regular talon.  I think I have some extra lash whips I can use but I don't have extra claws.  I have a ton of of the monstrous creature ones but I think that would look silly.  The Tyrant guard ones might work but I will have to find some since all the ones I had are taken.

With these finished, I have completed most of the metamorphs I own.  It will be enough for one subterranean uprising but not enough for two.  I will have to get at least one more box before I am ready for that.  I might get another Overkill box and try to get some arms.  This might be a cheaper option.  I just don't like getting into the habit of buying huge sets and counting on parsing out the unwanted parts to make up for the price.

We shall see.

Comments? Questions? For the four armed emperor?