Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years Resolution 2017

Happy new year everybody and with a new year we get new year resolutions. It's that time again for me to lay down some goals for the next year to help me stay focused on my hobby.

First up we have painting the terrain set from last year.  While this might not be the first thing I do I know I want to get these painted up so they are ready for any pop up game.  Heck maybe I will get my wife to play a game using the set.

Along the same vein as the terrain, I have two kickstarters that should be arriving first quarter. The first one is Rail Raiders. There will be a handful of chibi playing pieces to paint up for this game.  I hope this will be a game that my wife and I and maybe other house guest will play in the future.

After that I have the Raging Heroes Toughest Girls of the Galaxy order coming in.  These will be the start of my Sisters army.  With all the new rules they are getting I am eager to see how they do.  I think they will be a huge challenge to paint.

Speaking of armies, I will have my cult to finish up.  By the end of the year I am hoping that I will have an army I am happy to field.  It will be nice to be able to field a leman russ tank because I want to not because I need to field it.

From the sneak peaks we know that Belisarius Cawl is coming out soon.  I know I will want him for my Ad Mech army.  He is cool looking. Hopefully he will be playable as well.

I have reservered a spot at Miniwargaming this April.  I am really excited about heading up there.  I have 3 days to play.  I am thinking about taking three of my armies.  I will bring my tyranids for sure but after that I am unsure which other two I will bring.

If I can finish up my orks I might bring them as well and maybe a necron army to at least have a chance of winning. I doubt my cult will be ready in time.  This leaves my necrons, ad mech, IG, and Tau.  My Tau is not much more painted than my cult army so they are probably not going.

Speaking of Tau, if I do get a month where I have some money not earmarked I plan on getting a ghostkeel. It is a really cool model and looks effective on the playing field.  We shall see.

Again I want to get George(my stompa) completed.  He is just a basing away from being finished.  I need to get off my butt and do it.   Along with George I want to paint up my flash gits, battle wagon and trukk so I stop putting unfinished armies on the board.

I think this is a good amount of work for me to do this year.  Of course, I can and will divert from this plan if something new come out.  If the tyranids get a new monster there is a good chance of me getting it. (unless it is like the malceptor or toxicrene) How about you guys? Any new year resolutions you want to declare?

Questions? Comments?  Happy New Year?